paint correction

Remove Blemishes From Your Car’s Paint Job

We provide paint correction services in the Wappingers Falls, NY area

Are scratches and scuff marks ruining your car’s paint job? Want to make your car’s paint look like new again? Automaxx+, LLC in Wappingers Falls, NY has you covered with our paint correction services.

Using a combination of special tools, lighting, and techniques, our team can remove even the smallest imperfections. If a blemish can be removed, you can count on us to get rid of it.

Make your paint job pop once more by getting a paint correction service from our crew.

Count On Us to Make Your Car Look Better than When it Left the Dealership

There’s a variety of different imperfections that can ruin a car’s paint job. That’s why at our shop, we can remove:

  • Watermarks
  • Sap or tar
  • Scuff marks

We also offer detailed scratch removal services. Our team uses top-notch buffers, polishers, and compound/polishes to fully buff out any scratches and other types of imperfections.

Call us whenever you need scratch removal or other paint correction services.